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I am a B1 student and initially I was nervous not sure what to
do. When I registered with East London Skills for Life to do B1
training and my tutor taught me the SELT English Speaking
and Listening my confidence was boosted. Now I have my B1
Certificate with distinction.
I am a B1 student and initially I was nervous not sure what to
do. When I registered with East London Skills for Life to do B1
training and my tutor taught me the SELT English Speaking
and Listening my confidence was boosted. Now I have my B1
Certificate with distinction.
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This is crasytl clear. Thanks for taking the time!
I'm not easily imesrespd but you've done it with that posting.
Yemi Egwu-chineke
I had a great time here in east london skills for life during the maths exam period. I met good and lovely people who directly gave me good advice on how to study very hard for my success. all thanks to all the staff. I'm more than happy for my success.
Charlotte Mum
Cannot thank ELS for all their support, kindness and helpfulness over the past three months with helping my daughter follow her dreams and by achieving her functional skills level 2. This can now lead her to achieve her V.C.N at the royal veterinary college.
Many many thanks.
Statement to east London Skills from the Asst. Vice-President of CREDIT SUISSE SECURITIES (EUROPE) LIMITED:

Good Morning All

Just a quick thank you for allowing us to visit your training centre yesterday, it was really inspiring to see the impact you are having on the young people in the area.

Keep up the great work.

Kind regards

Paul Finnis

Assistant Vice President

Regional Records Manager

Records and Information Management (RIM) - EMEA Region

Corporate Real Estate and Services


One Cabot Square


E14 4QJ

Course is about learning English for everyday use

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