ELS HAVE MOVED TO NEW VENUE AND CAN BE REACHED ON 0208 221 2688 AND 0208 519 0333 9-5 MON TO FRI AND ON 07586246950 EVENING AND WEEKENDS OR EMAIL US AT admin@eastlondonskills.co.uk

• Builders- we believe it our duty to help build a community where we provide opportunities for the others to be productive and contribute both socially and economically to society. 

• Committed- We are passionate about what we do and will continually seek innovative ways to improve the experience and outcomes for our clients and partners

• Stakeholders engagement- Their goals is our passion. We will engage with and listen to everyone involve in our service delivery and take their views seriously whether they be clients, funders, partners, and staff and other supporters of ELS.

• Equality- We ensure that are service are inclusive and open to all and that we apply equal opportunity to all and respect the diversity of our community and clients. 

• All about the client/users-   Our Business decisions are based on what it best for our clients and users. We will always aim to deliver high quality courses and provide our services efficiently and effectively. We will care and continually invest in the people we work for and with.