ELS HAVE MOVED TO NEW VENUE AND CAN BE REACHED ON 0208 221 2688 AND 0208 519 0333 9-5 MON TO FRI AND ON 07586246950 EVENING AND WEEKENDS OR EMAIL US AT admin@eastlondonskills.co.uk

Our passion lies with the working with the disadvantaged and disaffected members of our community mainly women and young people. We work with young people termed as NEET (not in education or employment), with the youth offenders and those who have been excluded from schools. We help turn their lives around by giving them the confidence and encouragement to train, gain qualifications and move into employment or higher education.  

Secondly, training and developing several women many who are parents and are struggling to get on to the job market have led to the success of many of them gaining the skills and confidence to start their own businesses, get a job, as well as develop their community awareness and give them a wider access to community services .

The unemployed and those from minorities’ background form our next focal group. ELS recognises the need of its local populace having a high percentage of people who are economical inactive coming from the ethnic minorities background including the new migrants from eastern Europe. We work these groups to up-skill and prepare them for the job market.  



ELS Strategic 2014-2017 Plan

ELS growth and viability strategy focuses on the development of a robust three year plan from 2014 to 2017 known as ELS ‘IMPACT’ Development Plan.  The ELS IMPACT (Implementing People and Community Training) Plan is a combination of putting in place several infrastructure and development strategies to take the organisation forward including plans for:

• The delivery of a wider range of courses delivered by qualified educationists.

• To widen the delivery of apprenticeship programmes and other government funded programmes. 

• To increase our employer liaison contacts so as to help people into work.

• The move toward E-learning at the highest standard of quality delivery 

• Tendering for bigger and better training contracts and bids to enable us to offer to the public free and affordable training.

• Continuous improvement of our marketing strategy to increase our market and service delivery sector.

• To be able to sign post and refer people to our extended partner base.

• To offer a wide range of qualitative private courses at competitive prices.